Third Party Certification Partnerships

Third Party NRTL Safety Certification Marks (UL, TUV Rheinland, MET etc.) are used to show that the equipment complied with its applicable standards when it left the manufacturing facility. These are typically required in the US and Canada by hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, as well as, stores and pharmacies that sell home use medical devices. A NRTL is a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab, which is controlled and audited by OSHA. MECA partners with Underwriters Laboratories (UL Mark), TUV Rheinland (TUV Mark), and Eurofins (MET Mark) to provide 3rd Party Certification Marks. To obtain these Certifications, the respective agency reviews our report and, upon approval, provides a NRTL Certification Report and an authorization to apply their Mark. MECA can also assist with obtaining other 3rd Party Certifications utilizing a CB Report.

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