Medical Device Compliance Service Immediate Activation

We are happy to help you with your compliance questions. This may include the requirements in the standards, their interpretations, and how they affect your device construction. This helps to reduce the cost and time of redesign by identifying non-compliances earlier in the design process

We provide the first 15 minutes free for new clients with compliance questions. To cover additional time to address your questions, we offer three options:

  • Two months, with up to 8 hours compliance services
  • Six months, with up to 16 hours compliance services
  • One year, with up to 40 hours compliance services

To initiate these immediately, complete the PayPal checkout below. To receive a quote and use a PO, please use the link to the quote submission page, and specify if you would like the two months, six months, or one year option.

These services may not be used for full device evaluations, which require a project. Once services are purchased, there is no refund provided for any unused time.

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