Looking to equip you team with the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to create compliant designs/documentation? Seminars are a great way to get an overview of appropriate standards and ask questions with one of MECA’s Senior Engineers. Seminar content and length can be adjusted to meet the needs of your team and device(s).

Typical  IEC 60601-1  Seminar Agenda (2 days at client facility or remote training):


  • Regulatory Overview and Role of Standards
  • Introduction to IEC 60601-1
  • Risk Management, Overview of Usability Engineering, Alarms, Programmable Systems
  • General Requirements/Classifications/Basic Terminology/Marking and Labelling
  • Protection Against Electrical Shock – Leakage Current and Applied Parts
  • Protection Against Electrical Shock – Designing Electrical Insulation, Insulation Diagrams


  • Continuation of Insulation Diagrams and Required Spacings from Day 1
  • Verifying Electrical Insulation
  • Medical Electrical Systems
  • Protection Against Mechanical Hazards
  • Protection Against Thermal and Other Hazards
  • Component Requirements
  • Questions
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